HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  I want to wish every last one of you success and happiness in the new year!! I plan on being as productive as possible this year, which means I will be posting a lot more and sharing things with you guys. What I want to share with you all today is my latest book that’s out. Its titled “MUSE” and of course it’s poetry. I struggled a bit in writing this one because like most writers I doubt myself to often. Not in the sense of doubting my abilities but more in the sense that I doubt my writing a bit. In spite of all that and the tiny spurts of inspiration I was able to create a cohesive effort. I’m happy to share it with everyone and hope that people truly enjoy it. Now I would reveal the secret of who or what my Muse is, but I think that will stay between me, myself and I at the moment (Lol). If any of you want to check it out you can click the following link:

I’ll also be posting more reviews of books that I’ve been reading. Currently I’m reading Stephen King’s book “On Writing: A Memoir On The Craft” and I must say I expected a bunch of crap but I’ve been enjoying it. I’ll  be reviewing it soon. Also I’ll have features and things from other poets and writers also. So I look forward to sharing and learning with you guys.
Peace and Blessing! ✌
~Tam~ 💋


Twitter? Facebook?

Ok, so who on twitter? And who also uses twitter as a marketing platform also? I use mine to vent and try to push my writing a bit. I have a gained a few followers mostly writers, authors, indie authors, and independent musicians. And with all that being said before I start rambling, if you are on twitter feel free to follow me @mzSweety09.  Also if you are on Facebook feel free to follow my author page Y’all don’t be afraid to share what you are working on or anything you’ve published or anything.  I’m an open book, all you have to do is read. Like that right? Lol.
Later guys.

P.s. my email address is if you would like to contact me personally…;);)😚lol!

I just want to say…

I just want to take the time out to say to you all that I appreciate your continuous support. This year I’ve learned a lot about myself through my writing and I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you all. You guys really do keep me writing , even my co-workers have been so interested in my writing and so warm in regards to my passion. Each day I feel humbled and pushed to continue what it is that I love to do. I appreciate you all. And if no one told you today, you are all beautiful! Continue to pursue what you love and are passionate about. No one can stop what is destined to be ours. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance!! Muaahhs!

~Tam Avery (Tamesha Avery)


I was
But not
By hands
But by thought
You moved

To speak
With a
Smile on
The edge of
My lips
While quietly
We converse
on tangible


Moved me
To be moved
By exchanging
While our

Intoxicating verbal
Where I can
The very



I was
To come

Write of

Being Nosy…Yes I am..(Lol)

Before I go to bed… I just wanted to take a second and ask my fellow writers and readers what projects you all have been working on. Do any of you have any books published? Any kindle books? What books are you reading? And what really inspires you all to write? Come on now…spill the tea and give up the juice. Because not only am a writer but I also love to read. NYC favorite genres are suspense/mystery, romance, of course poetry, sci-fi,  and just basicly anything I can get my hands on. Lol .. so in ending Before I get too goofy or long winded…share with me what you guys got going…

~Later Taters~

No Inspiration😒

You know lately, I’ve been feeling uninspired. I don’t know if it’s the change in the weather or just a change going on within me but I’ve just been feeling very blah. I mean it could just be attributed to the fact that I work almost everyday and weekend with only two days off in between that. Or my mind could just be a little tired but I’m just not feeling it these days. What I think I need is a change of scenery. Maybe a little exploring somewhere I’ve never been. I don’t know. Just thought I’d take the time to rant while I have it. But even though I’m feeling very lackluster I’m hoping that all my readers are having an awesome weekend! Well until next rant, stay beautiful!!😘😘