My Review of Jean-Claude Carvills “Guide To Licking And Sucking”

First of all let me say that in no way I hope to offend anyone with this posting or review. Secondly this is not of my normal reading.  But I must say that I truly enjoyed listening to this story. The basis of it is centered around a young nurse who in turn has what we call an ” oral fixation”.  This story is mainly suppose to be her confession. But it is not just about the salacious encounters of Maria who is the main character, it also is an informative guide of the male anatomy. Between each chapter of the story is a lesson on the body based maintain the pleasure centers of the male. I must say in listening I gained a lot of knowledge about men. I enjoyed. The story kept me on edge as it journeyed through Marias sexual intensities. So in closing I must say this is one that you must pick up. This book and more are available in paperback, on kindle and audible on And believe me …you won’t be disappointed.



My Poetry E-book: Obsession of Words

obsession of words

This is my first published e-book. I worked very hard, put a lot of energy and effort into it and i wanted to share it with you all where it would matter the most. So I hope you check it out and give your feedback. Enjoy the Tea!

Obsession Of Words