HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  I want to wish every last one of you success and happiness in the new year!! I plan on being as productive as possible this year, which means I will be posting a lot more and sharing things with you guys. What I want to share with you all today is my latest book that’s out. Its titled “MUSE” and of course it’s poetry. I struggled a bit in writing this one because like most writers I doubt myself to often. Not in the sense of doubting my abilities but more in the sense that I doubt my writing a bit. In spite of all that and the tiny spurts of inspiration I was able to create a cohesive effort. I’m happy to share it with everyone and hope that people truly enjoy it. Now I would reveal the secret of who or what my Muse is, but I think that will stay between me, myself and I at the moment (Lol). If any of you want to check it out you can click the following link:

I’ll also be posting more reviews of books that I’ve been reading. Currently I’m reading Stephen King’s book “On Writing: A Memoir On The Craft” and I must say I expected a bunch of crap but I’ve been enjoying it. I’ll  be reviewing it soon. Also I’ll have features and things from other poets and writers also. So I look forward to sharing and learning with you guys.
Peace and Blessing! ✌
~Tam~ 💋


What I’ve Been Up To…

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while since I posted. I have been a bit busy, but I have a bit of news to share with you all. My latest book projects are done and out finally. My two new poetry books “Between The Sheets” and  “Kink: Erotic Endeavours” are now available on kindle for **$2.99**!! They are my collections of love poetry and erotic poetry. Both books as usual are also available in paperback. It took me some time to get them the way I wanted and to make sure all my content was perfect. I’m very proud of these latest two works. And also I’ll be working on a few books with two of my fellow poets, so I’ll be sure to keep you guys informed.

I hope everyone is having a great year, being productive, and just enjoying life!


A Gift

Hi guys! I hope all is well and I also hope you guys had a great Valentine’s Day!!  Today, I’m in a giving mood. So I would like to gift 2 copy of my latest poetry book “Naked:  Thoughts Bared” to 2 of my followers. If any of you are interested just drop  your email in the comments on this post and I will choose 2 winners at Random. There is no catch, Nothing you have to purchase. Only thing I ask is that after you are done reading that you leave a review.
So drop those emails.


I said I was…

I said I was going to start reviewing books on my blog and tonight I’ll be sharing my review of a fellow poets poetry book. I mean it’s his short collection but it really is a great read.
Later I’ll entail more details. And you know I had to drop in to speak to my hunni boo boos! Hope y’all are having a great day and being productive!! Talk to y’all in a bit!😘

P.s. I’m also working on a new project and new material. 🙂