Artist Kevin A. Williams A.K.A “WAK”

I feel as though we see everyday online the beautiful prints, photos and copies online of art, but we never really know much about the artist. I have admired the works of this particular artist for a very long time. Kevin A. Williams a.k.a “WAK” is one of my favorite artist of this time. I have many other artist who I enjoy and appreciate but his work has often run across my mind as nothing else has. His work is beautiful but also controversial. I find myself entranced and enthralled by his pieces. They move me to inspiration. The two photos I have included above are two of his most popular works. “The Kiss” and “The African Lily” are two of my all time favorite works from sir WAK. I hope you enjoy the article I have included below and also seek out more of his work. Enjoy the Tea.


Kevin A. Williams is an artist on a mission, but his is no solo trip: He wants to take you on the journey, too.  His destination is a place where more African-Americans will appreciate, own and even create fine art that honors their rich heritage and hope filled destiny.  So far, tens of thousands of people have willingly followed Williams to that vista – including talk-show host Oprah Winfrey, and actor comedian Bernie Mac.  From celebrity homes to small businesses, corporate offices and women’s spas, Williams’ original and lithograph artwork hangs from coast to coast.

In fact, his collection of 50 lithograph prints – created under the “WAK Artistry” signature – is the most widely circulated urban fine arts series in the nation.  Diverse in their themes, the art is painted by Williams in mixed mediums, and then produced as lithographs in various limited – and broad – edition quantities.  Williams also creates a number of commissioned works annually.

As the best-selling artist in the African-American print market, Williams is a popular personality at national art shows, conferences of African-American groups and major international events, including the Essence Music Festival.  His art has been featured on television’s “Law & Order” (NBC) and “Soul Food” (Showtime). An artist who has received no formal training Williams’ success has been in what some may call non-traditional methods of reaching art consumers.