Feminist or no Feminist? That is the question!

In a recent interview with Beyonce Knowles, i read that she considers her self to be a “modern day feminist” but once again i am a bit confused by her. A feminist Is someone who is trying to gain equality for women. Basicly uplifting women. But afte reading the article i stumbled upon her video “Bow Down” and even though i enjoy Beyonce, i just have to question her . How can she describe herself as a modern day feminist and then in the next breath telling a bitch to “bow down”? Now dont get me wrong, im not by far perfect lol! But i know that i am not the only woman feeling this way. If you want to view the interview you can see it on thegrio.com. And I can tell you that i am not the only one who questions or has questions. I would really like to know what you all think.