HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  I want to wish every last one of you success and happiness in the new year!! I plan on being as productive as possible this year, which means I will be posting a lot more and sharing things with you guys. What I want to share with you all today is my latest book that’s out. Its titled “MUSE” and of course it’s poetry. I struggled a bit in writing this one because like most writers I doubt myself to often. Not in the sense of doubting my abilities but more in the sense that I doubt my writing a bit. In spite of all that and the tiny spurts of inspiration I was able to create a cohesive effort. I’m happy to share it with everyone and hope that people truly enjoy it. Now I would reveal the secret of who or what my Muse is, but I think that will stay between me, myself and I at the moment (Lol). If any of you want to check it out you can click the following link:

I’ll also be posting more reviews of books that I’ve been reading. Currently I’m reading Stephen King’s book “On Writing: A Memoir On The Craft” and I must say I expected a bunch of crap but I’ve been enjoying it. I’ll  be reviewing it soon. Also I’ll have features and things from other poets and writers also. So I look forward to sharing and learning with you guys.
Peace and Blessing! ✌
~Tam~ 💋


What I’ve Been Up To…

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while since I posted. I have been a bit busy, but I have a bit of news to share with you all. My latest book projects are done and out finally. My two new poetry books “Between The Sheets” and  “Kink: Erotic Endeavours” are now available on kindle for **$2.99**!! They are my collections of love poetry and erotic poetry. Both books as usual are also available in paperback. It took me some time to get them the way I wanted and to make sure all my content was perfect. I’m very proud of these latest two works. And also I’ll be working on a few books with two of my fellow poets, so I’ll be sure to keep you guys informed.

I hope everyone is having a great year, being productive, and just enjoying life!


My Review of Jean-Claude Carvills “Guide To Licking And Sucking”

First of all let me say that in no way I hope to offend anyone with this posting or review. Secondly this is not of my normal reading.  But I must say that I truly enjoyed listening to this story. The basis of it is centered around a young nurse who in turn has what we call an ” oral fixation”.  This story is mainly suppose to be her confession. But it is not just about the salacious encounters of Maria who is the main character, it also is an informative guide of the male anatomy. Between each chapter of the story is a lesson on the body based maintain the pleasure centers of the male. I must say in listening I gained a lot of knowledge about men. I enjoyed. The story kept me on edge as it journeyed through Marias sexual intensities. So in closing I must say this is one that you must pick up. This book and more are available in paperback, on kindle and audible on And believe me …you won’t be disappointed.



A Gift

Hi guys! I hope all is well and I also hope you guys had a great Valentine’s Day!!  Today, I’m in a giving mood. So I would like to gift 2 copy of my latest poetry book “Naked:  Thoughts Bared” to 2 of my followers. If any of you are interested just drop  your email in the comments on this post and I will choose 2 winners at Random. There is no catch, Nothing you have to purchase. Only thing I ask is that after you are done reading that you leave a review.
So drop those emails.


$0.99 cent kindle book

Hi guys. Hope all is well.  I just wanted to let you all know that my second collection of poetry “Obsession of Words” is on sale for $0.99 cent. You only have 4 days left until it goes back to regular price. So don’t miss out on this awesome read . I’ll place the link below this image so click and enjoy. Remember, only 4 days left. And this book is FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED.
And hopefully you’ll leave me a review.
I sincerely hope you all enjoy. ☺


“The Big Wide Calm By Rich Marcello ” My Review

What can I say about this book? First and foremost the cover I’d so beautiful and captured my attention right off. Once I got to reading I immediately fell in love with the lead character in the book ‘Paige Plant’ ( and if your a Zeppelin fan you will get the reference) who is bold, beautiful, talented and she knows it. It’s about her embarking on a journey to find fame and wealth, and also finding herself. Through an ad found by her friend she connects with ‘John Bustin’, a  rich sixty something year old man who gives her room and board to help work on her music. In the end they learn Alto about each other and make great music. I really enjoyed this book from beginning  to end. Rich Marcelo has a way of painting a picture that just makes you yearn for more. A definite page turner.  To find this book you can go to  I’ll post the link below the picture. You won’t be sorry. Click the link and get lost Within the pages of this story.

image link)

My Book…again!

Hey honeys! Just coming through to tell you Once more about my new poetry book “Naked: Thoughts Bared”. Still at two 5star reviews but I’m still very hopeful about my writings this year. This book has been called “an intellectual mental orgasm” and that is what I’ve been aiming for this year with this book. I want to say I’m thankful and grateful for the never-ending support of you wonderful people. The energy you give me fuels my words to thrive. So hopefully you enjoy my writing enough to pick up a copy and leave a wonderful review. I’ll post links below the picture.

image (kindle) (paperback)

p.s. if you have a book, music, artwork ect. Please feel free to share with me.  I support my independent writers and authors.

Twitter? Facebook?

Ok, so who on twitter? And who also uses twitter as a marketing platform also? I use mine to vent and try to push my writing a bit. I have a gained a few followers mostly writers, authors, indie authors, and independent musicians. And with all that being said before I start rambling, if you are on twitter feel free to follow me @mzSweety09.  Also if you are on Facebook feel free to follow my author page Y’all don’t be afraid to share what you are working on or anything you’ve published or anything.  I’m an open book, all you have to do is read. Like that right? Lol.
Later guys.

P.s. my email address is if you would like to contact me personally…;);)😚lol!

I said I was…

I said I was going to start reviewing books on my blog and tonight I’ll be sharing my review of a fellow poets poetry book. I mean it’s his short collection but it really is a great read.
Later I’ll entail more details. And you know I had to drop in to speak to my hunni boo boos! Hope y’all are having a great day and being productive!! Talk to y’all in a bit!😘

P.s. I’m also working on a new project and new material. 🙂

Another Review! Awesomeness!

Hi guys! Hope you all had a wonderful day! I just wanted to come through right quick and share another review with you guys! I was so suprised to find that it was actually another 5 star review! Im humbled beyond belief and just in utter shock at how people percieve my writing. So you guys click the link and read what they had to say about my new poetry book. Hopefuy it will entice you all into grabbing a copy and leaving me your thoughts! I’ll also include links to the kindle version and paperback. And as always there will be more to come. Later taters. (review link) (kindle link) (paperback link)