My Book…again!

Hey honeys! Just coming through to tell you Once more about my new poetry book “Naked: Thoughts Bared”. Still at two 5star reviews but I’m still very hopeful about my writings this year. This book has been called “an intellectual mental orgasm” and that is what I’ve been aiming for this year with this book. I want to say I’m thankful and grateful for the never-ending support of you wonderful people. The energy you give me fuels my words to thrive. So hopefully you enjoy my writing enough to pick up a copy and leave a wonderful review. I’ll post links below the picture.

image (kindle) (paperback)

p.s. if you have a book, music, artwork ect. Please feel free to share with me.  I support my independent writers and authors.

Twitter? Facebook?

Ok, so who on twitter? And who also uses twitter as a marketing platform also? I use mine to vent and try to push my writing a bit. I have a gained a few followers mostly writers, authors, indie authors, and independent musicians. And with all that being said before I start rambling, if you are on twitter feel free to follow me @mzSweety09.  Also if you are on Facebook feel free to follow my author page Y’all don’t be afraid to share what you are working on or anything you’ve published or anything.  I’m an open book, all you have to do is read. Like that right? Lol.
Later guys.

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(Caution! This is not for the inhibited! Read at your own risk! The freak is in session!)

Blew in
His ear and
Asked was
He ready for this
Ready for
Me to delve
Into his mind
And drink
Heavily of

Ready for
Me to taste
Of his surrender
Sticky with
The flavor
Of his
Was he ready
For my tongue
To stroke
The length of
His knowledge

And my
Lips to place
Kisses to the
Tip of his
Dimensions …

He shook
His head
Yes as I started
Kissing down
His chest
Leaving indentations
Of my breath along his

And with
My heat
I pushed
Him back against
The bed

And politely
Gave him


Tamesha R. Avery


“Offering: A Collection Of Poems by Robert Gibson” My Review

Hey guys! I know I’m hella late with this review but better late than never. So I’ve known this poet for a while and we often interact. This book is actually his second body of work. I’ll post a link to both after I’m done. Ok, the title of his book is “Offering: A Collection of Poems” by Robert Gibson . The only way for me to describe his poetry in this book is just beautiful. His usage of words is wonderful. He has the ability to paint a picture and draw you in, making you feel as if you are Within the scene he has orchestrated. “Offering” and “Come” are two of my favorites in this book and I gave it a 5 star rating and I stand behind it. So don’t miss out on Robert Gibsons orgasmic eloquence, totally worth the cold shower  Lol. Was going to publish the links below but I’m dying of a serious migraine so, you can find this book and his 1st book “EROTIC” on


I said I was…

I said I was going to start reviewing books on my blog and tonight I’ll be sharing my review of a fellow poets poetry book. I mean it’s his short collection but it really is a great read.
Later I’ll entail more details. And you know I had to drop in to speak to my hunni boo boos! Hope y’all are having a great day and being productive!! Talk to y’all in a bit!😘

P.s. I’m also working on a new project and new material. 🙂