If This Were A Poem…

If this were a poem I
Would write
You near
Kiss you
With my
Words until
Breathing would
Be to inhale

If this
We’re a poem then
It would be
About my
Love for you
That aches until
Just thinking of
You becomes my
Only sanity
As I would express
It eloquently
This feeling in
Me that calls to

If this
We’re a poem
It would
Be me

Myself to
You .

Being Nosy…Yes I am..(Lol)

Before I go to bed… I just wanted to take a second and ask my fellow writers and readers what projects you all have been working on. Do any of you have any books published? Any kindle books? What books are you reading? And what really inspires you all to write? Come on now…spill the tea and give up the juice. Because not only am a writer but I also love to read. NYC favorite genres are suspense/mystery, romance, of course poetry, sci-fi,  and just basicly anything I can get my hands on. Lol .. so in ending Before I get too goofy or long winded…share with me what you guys got going…

~Later Taters~

Busy busy honey bee

So…I’ve been working on two books. One with a mixture of poems, some you’ve all read and some that I’ll include as I go. And the other will include poems of the sensual variety. My book cover for my third work of poetry is still in the works, but I just finished my cover for my fourth work of poetry and I really wanted to share other with you all. My fourth work of poetry is almost done just finishing up my interior. I also decided to use a pen name.  “Naked: Thoughts Bared by: Fluent” will be available in paperback and kindle very soon. And I would also like to say Thank you for your unwavering support of my writing. I appreciate every like, comment, reblog, share and read. When I want to give up you beautiful people keep me pushing. I hope you enjoy my book cover, and I look forward to sharing so much more with you all. Muaaaahhh! 😘😘


(P.s. This is the book cover I created for the sensual poetry book.  Hope u like!)