Being Nosy…Yes I am..(Lol)

Before I go to bed… I just wanted to take a second and ask my fellow writers and readers what projects you all have been working on. Do any of you have any books published? Any kindle books? What books are you reading? And what really inspires you all to write? Come on now…spill the tea and give up the juice. Because not only am a writer but I also love to read. NYC favorite genres are suspense/mystery, romance, of course poetry, sci-fi,  and just basicly anything I can get my hands on. Lol .. so in ending Before I get too goofy or long winded…share with me what you guys got going…

~Later Taters~


2 responses to “Being Nosy…Yes I am..(Lol)

  1. Well, pushing EROTIC and my new book OFFERING. Trying to get my vision for SEDUCTION off the ground (book 3 and sequel to EROTIC.) Wait – did I just say book 3? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a couple more books in my brain as well as I want to work on a spoken word CD.

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