Busy busy honey bee

So…I’ve been working on two books. One with a mixture of poems, some you’ve all read and some that I’ll include as I go. And the other will include poems of the sensual variety. My book cover for my third work of poetry is still in the works, but I just finished my cover for my fourth work of poetry and I really wanted to share other with you all. My fourth work of poetry is almost done just finishing up my interior. I also decided to use a pen name.  “Naked: Thoughts Bared by: Fluent” will be available in paperback and kindle very soon. And I would also like to say Thank you for your unwavering support of my writing. I appreciate every like, comment, reblog, share and read. When I want to give up you beautiful people keep me pushing. I hope you enjoy my book cover, and I look forward to sharing so much more with you all. Muaaaahhh! 😘😘


(P.s. This is the book cover I created for the sensual poetry book.  Hope u like!)


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