Just Expressing

I always go through a certain phase where I often question myself as to why do I even write, and lately that question as been circling around in my head. “Why do you write?” And I must say that as of late I’m finding it harder to answer that question. So much going on in the world,  so much going on within me. I can’t explain how uninspired I feel. But my feelings keep my words pouring and just like
I’m writing this I figure out just why I write. And I now know that I write because my words could help someone  by showing them that they are not alone in feeling alone. That someone out there knows just how they feel and maybe they won’t feel so sad or down. Maybe my words can help someone see that there is a silver lining in the clouds. So I write to inspire. I write to empower. I write because it’s in me to do so. Sorry for rambling, it’s been a long day and I’ve been thinking. I hope this makes sense. or hope at least to someone it reaches them.


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