Sweet Nothings

Passion's Pleasure

Found a fragment of a poem that I loved but had not publicized before today … enjoy this little romantic piece of poetry – find someone and whisper some…

Sweet Nothings

I can hear your voice in every line

every word dances in my mind

pirouetting phrases twhirl synapses

Mind dances to pen’s beat

rhythmic and sweet…

internal rhymes a mental treat

sugar coated stanzas

cotton candy concepts

Everything you write



give me diabetes!

I’m not usually into sweeties…

but the sugar from your pen sends me



mind starts to fly

and I

am blown away –

kite cord popped

free to fly unencumbered

non stop

imagination fills kite

blows mind out of sight

and when I rest

I’ll be in another place

but that will be the best

ride I’d have ever


Cotton Candy Cotton Candy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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