Never Alone

I just
Want to kiss
Away all your
Fears and worries
Give serenity
As I press my
Body Against every
Inch of your
While tongues
Conduct symphonies
Along Lips tasting
Of honey and sensations
Aching to be taken
Beyond the facade of
This world…

To float along
Paradise becomes
The air we
Breathe as limbs
Mangling sheets gripped
Between fingertips
As bodies slip and
Slide across a bed
Covered in desire
Beyond reality
Cause this
Embrace of
Lovers is a bond


I digress
As usual when
It comes to you
Because I’m simply
A fool that sees your
Pain and just want to
Ease your brain
And massage your
Mental fabric into

So just
Allow me to
Kiss away
Your fears and
Drape you
In the safety
Of my

And know
With me
Alone you’ll
Never walk

In the



2 responses to “Never Alone

  1. *smiles* I know this feeling well. In fact it’s the third, maybe 4th paragraph of one of my poems. The sentiment that is. I’m a healer. I want to help. To ease the pain, make it all ok, at least for a little while. Sometimes that calls on primal urges,, not often acted upon. So I ache. Unable to soothe the person’s pain.
    Truth Speaks

    • I know exactly what you mean Truth Speaks. I have a poem similar to this theme called Self Discovery where I am offering to show the lady who she is through a sensual encounter …. People may think I’m a pervert but my Kundalini energy is extremely strong. I want to heal through touch.. .this poem resonates with me on several levels….

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