Thank you passion…I am humbled and elated!! Much ❤

Passion's Pleasure

I have been chided that I need to put more poems up on my blog. My beautiful friend Tam Avery of the awesome WP blog Fluent In Words inspired this piece … you really need to check her stuff out as well. It is FIYAH!  Anyway, please enjoy… and,  disclaimer  #EROTIC #ADULT is in effect. You have been warned!


Eyes close
Fingers slip slowly
Down dampened skin


Tracing my heat
Need overwhelms

I must release

I grip my breast
Bite my lip
Legs part like River Nile
While fingers seek
For dry land

Hand dips into moist intensity
Fiercely finding fleshy knob
I turn the faucet
And start to flow

I stroke out my desire
Trying to cool my heat
Extinguish the fire
Focused between my thighs

I scream out my release
And rest
Until buildup starts anew

And I have to renew
My fingers’ search

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