Collab By:Lyrical Poet & Tam Avery “Kingdom Reign “

Vertical lines
Smile in
Your wake
For you
To place
Your Lips to
Lilies lake
drink of
Youth and
Your need
To dine
And feed
Of my
QUEENS heavenly

Horizontally placed in my eyes view
Lying in the lake
My lady of the pond
May I drink from your womanhood?
May I quench my thirst for eternity?
To taste of you is the crowning of a king
Let my Excalibur manhood crown you queen of my kingdom

I don’t
Perpetuate to
Be Guinevere
But I
Will lay
Waste to
What denies
You pleasure
And give unto you
This divine pool
Of life
Our Kingdom
Riegns supreme
Where I offer
Happily Ever After
Between thighs
Of Queenly

©collab by:Lyrical Poet & Tam Avery



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