Feedback Wanted

As some of you may know, I am a published author with two books under my belt as a Poet. I’m currently working on book number three which I am excited about. For a while I fell out of love with writing and simply found know joy within my words. I went through a drought of not writing period. But some how I found the love again and this book( my second book in the link below) brought back my happiness in writing. I’m very proud of myself for finding the courage to begin again. I worked until this book was perfect. The only problem I’m having now is having lack of reviews and feedback. So if you guys really enjoy reading me , check out my book “Obsession of Words” and feel free to give me any feedback. And I also wanna say Thank you for all the support and love you bring to this little country woman’s blog. Gives me a reason to wake up and write every day.

Obsession Of Words by Tamesha R Avery


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