Third Times A Charm :)

Ok ok…I guess by now you know my love of writing poetry. It has always and will always be my first love. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to write. To me a new notebook and a set of pens is better than jewelry (except for a wedding ring lol). So I have decided to write a third poetry book. It has been on my mind since I published the second one this year. Of course it has not generated many sells, but that is not why I write. I write because I have things to say. I write because since I was ten years old my words have been a way to escape my every day torments. I write because I feel the need. It is necessary in being who I am. My words are apart of me and I am ready for people to see that part. Of course I am nervous and excited to get this book written and ready, but beyond that I feel like this is apart of me being able to express how, what, and when. Through online interactions and just being me, I have encountered some great writers and poets and I want to be among that realm. I don’t want to get long-winded, but I wanted to share what I will be working on in the next months to come. Hopefully when its finished and done I’ll be able to look forward to hearing what you all think of what I have done this far. Omg! I am too excited! Every time always feels like the first time for me whenever I write. I am truly enjoying WordPress this time around. Laters, Babys!(In my Christian Grey voice!! Lol!!)



“Obsession of Words” Written By Tamesha Avery  Available on on Kindle (Both of these are my books just in case you wanna check them out)

“Open Diary: Thoughts From a Leo” Written By Tamesha Avery Available on


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