Queenly Speech: By Meme Avery

(Promise This is the last poem for today..lol)


I move in to reign as your Queen

be  the pride at your side

standing tall and glorified

I hold your hand within mine

grasp your power

let you know that together we rule supremely

I love your thick-lipped nappy hair ways

love your unique aura rays

like sunshine you brighten me

enlighten me

I see you truly

love you exclusively

and with you my head is high

I kiss you wrap my self in the divinity of you masculinity

feeling secure within your arms

 I know that anything i face you’ll be there to help me succeed

I know at times my alter ego rears her head

but like a champion you wade through the war

and love me endlessly

I am so humbled by your black essence

like I said

I move in to reign as your Queen

this title I hold up to the most high

so together lets transcend

and create a foundation in which

we can truly begin.

“Open Diary: Thoughts From a Leo” By Tamesha Avery available on www.amazon.com

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