Goodnight Mother Earth

Kurt Rees

Angry people at the stop-light.
An accusing boss of things that are false.
You tell a friend how your family
doesn’t like your writing,
when your family hasn’t read a thing.
Your friend responds by telling you
they won’t buy your book,
that they will never read it.
No reason given.
I don’t ask.

The worms from the ground
keep screaming for me to join them,
but there has to be a better way.
I keep believing that maybe tomorrow,
the maggot at the light may smile.
That the maggot boss will know truth.
My maggot friend and family
won’t criticize before reading.
There are so many things
I could point a finger
in their lives and criticize,
but don’t.
What good would it do,
for me and for them?

I could quit writing
and have the worms’ screaming
ring louder,
but I know there are better
days to come.

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