“Late Night Munchies”: Written By Curtis Gardner


“Late Night Munchies”

Late in the midnight hour My taste buds overwhelm me I’m hungry for it I crave for the taste I turn over to the other side of the bed And gaze upon the beautiful cookie jar in front of me I bite my lip in anticipation of eating this delight snack This naked 5’7 caramel tone sundae thick and juicy Legs open wide inviting me to taste whats inside As i draw closer to the enticing treat My manhood grows and the inner freak inside me takes over I take one lick of the dessert; one lick turns into two Two into four and four into eight My tongue is an official flickering machine The taste of you is scrumptious As i hold onto your thick thighs My lips and tongue working as one to finish this snack The moans and groans only makes my appetite grow Hands on the back of my head pushing me to have more And more and more until I feel the wet creme filling on my face The mess that i forced you to make I now lick up with complete satisfaction My late night munchies have been fulfilled


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