Poetic Lies: Written By Rachel Craig

I try to create the impossible with my words

Place you next to me with lyrical nuances that

Tell stories but hide truths

With each verse I tuck you away

So that you can never escape the

Passionate relationship that I have

Formed between us, one that is

Built on lies and not trust

The realities of a union that could never be accepted

Left to linger on in a tidal wave of deception

Wrapped in waters that engulf our bodies

And immobilize our growth, the distance

Is what I hate the most

I can only have you in my dreams

Only control your love with odes

To memories of our getaways when

We forget about consequences and

Focus on enjoyment

Those moments I get to revisit

Time and time again every time

I pick up a notebook and a pen

The only coping mechanism I have

To deal with the separation

So much anxiety it causes frustration

Suppressing the need to hold you

In my arms

The longing for you eating me alive

My keys get to witness my cries

Cruel yet true, my poetic

Lies keep me next to you.

Miss. Rachel Craig

Author/Journey to Me

Motto: “Nothing comes to a Dreamer but a dream!”


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